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Easy to Use:Perfect design about its size and light weight makes it a perfect travel companion.

Intelligent hand held steamer with upgraded superior nozzle can be heated to appropriate temperature through its intelligent fine temperature control function.

Cleaning Your Clothes Quickly: Remove wrinkles and clean and sterilize clothes in no time. Iron, clean, sterilize and humidify fabrics in minutes.

Powerful 800W steamer

1, this product sends sterilization, ironing, beauty and other functions in one.

2, the high temperature steam sprayed, has a strong killing, disinfection function, strong detergency, effectively ironing clothes.

3, the design is small, easy to carry, is a good helper for family life.

4, water storage tank, handle through professional design, safe and comfortable.

110/220V Handheld Household Garment Steamer
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